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Welcome to GDI

This is to welcome you to the Global Domains International website presence and income generation venture. So - welcome aboard and excellent job for joining! smile FYI, this site was built with the template builder so you can see the sort of results you can achieve.

You will have signed directly through one of us or one of our downline. Thank you for doing this! This has been a total triumph for my wife and I and we are here to help if we can. We always help our downline. If you haven't signed up yet, please do so now. You can watch the presentation here or you can sign up directly here.

We are building a community where you are part of the team and a place to come if you are lost along the way. Please use the content as you see fit. Please become a member of our very own GDI Made Easy BBS. We would love you to link to our page in order to help your own downline. The HTML linking code to link to us is on our links to us page. Please also sign our visitors book as a member of the GDI international community. It helps all of us in the pursuit of our dreams.

Before we begin, we would like to ask you to use our contact form if you need to email us. The reason for this is that a lot of email is being filtered by the various ISP's and we don't get the message. You get annoyed because we don't answer and we don't get the message so we can't answer. The contact form is here.

To put you on the road to success, we have written out a whole series of additional pointers which will make your journey a whole lot easier. We hope this is of some use to you. We have spent a great deal of time on this website in order to make your entry totally painless. Please cruise around and print out anything you want for reference. Printed pages make are considerably easier to refer to as we go through the steps.

You will have signed up with your personal "User Identity" and "Password". Make sure you keep your "User Identity" and "Password" in a safe place. For now we are going to shorten your "User Identity" into the word USERID. Wherever we use the word USERID on this Global Domains International (GDI) Made Easy website, you will need to substitute whatever your personal "User Identity" is.

As you know, there are two distinct components to the GDI offer. You are free to use one or the other or preferably both. The first component is building your own site and setting up your personal email addresses and the second one is making money out of GDI for promoting the system. We hope you will do both as it will be making money for you and by inference for us too! You are not obligated to promote the system - the results are spectacular if you do.

First let's get you into your control panel. Go to this URL:-

Remember to substitute your USER IDENTIFICATION for the words USERID. Use your own PASSWORD too please! Bookmark this site as a favorite so you can get back there easily. Look for the part that looks like this:-

Member's Area Login

Fill in your USERID and PASSWORD and click "Main Login". This will put you in your main control panel from where you can use the website builder, set up your email, examine your statistics, check your commissions and get support directly from GDI. Familiarize yourself with this page, this is the heart and soul of the system. It is from here that you control all your GDI activities.

Now you have twenty six choices to get your GDI business on the road to success:-
  1. Build your site. Now enhanced and significantly upgraded for Site Builder 3. Four full pages of instructions.

  2. Set up your email.

  3. Get the HTML for GDI links for banners, recruiting, hosting, the movie, manuals and testimonials for your site. (We have six pages of links).

  4. Tell one person about the GDI program.

  5. Find the best way to get fresh leads for your downline.

  6. Get Email, Mail, Advertisement and Phone Script Examples.

  7. How to market your site on the internet.

  8. How to promote your GDI Business.

  9. How to promote GDI with Traffic Exchanges

  10. How to promote GDI with Instant Buzz

  11. How to promote GDI rapidly using Viral Marketing

  12. How to promote GDI rapidly using Butterfly Marketing

  13. How to promote GDI safely using Email. Email Strategies that work.

  14. GDI and Ultimate Rep are an excellent online Combination!

  15. What to do if you never hear from your upline.

  16. Get our step by step email instructions.

  17. Find out about GDI in German, French, Spanish, Portugese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

  18. Get free automated utilities to accelerate you GDI efforts.

  19. Got Questions? Read our FAQ.

  20. Visit our BBS

  21. Visit other major training sites.

  22. Build additional income right alongside GDI. Promote your GDI site at the same time.

  23. Join our email list for inside track info.This is important as we keep you up to date with all sorts of GDI activities.

  24. Ask for help.

  25. Visit other sites in our Made Easy Series where you can get the same level of help you found here. We have other Made Easy sites for some of the other great products helping us make money each month. We would like to believe these are amongst the best support sites there are and we truly believe in supporting our downlines.

  26. Look at the site map to see all the thing you can find at GDI Made Easy.

Once more welcome and let's get cracking! smile

Rod and Helga Beaumont

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