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Examples of letters, emails, advertisement and phone scripts

Here are a number of example letters, emails, advertisement and phone scripts you can use to attract new customers. They are courtesy of various members of GDI and have been reproduced here with thanks. Please feel free to cut, copy, paste, edit and change as you see fit.

Please visit Marvin Drobes' website Wealth 411 for more email and phone script examples if you need them. Marvin is very good at this and his examples are tried and tested. You can also listen to what they sound like.

We have eleven seperate pages of links for you:-
  1. Page 1 which has all the Text links on it

  2. Page 2 which has all the Animated Banner links on it

  3. Page 3 which has all the Flash Banner links on it

  4. Page 4 which has all the GDI Template/Squeeze page links on it

  5. Page 5 which has all the Movie Code links on it

  6. Page 6 which has all the DVD Code links on it

  7. Page 7 which has all the Testimonial Code links on it.

  8. Page 8 which has all the Hosting Code links on it.

  9. Page 9 which has all the Multi Language links on it.

  10. Page 10 which has all the Promotional Images on it.

  11. This Page which has all the Example Emails, Letters, Scripts and Ads on it.

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