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Welcome to GDI Bulletin Boards and Forums

We are delighted to bring you three full blown bulletin boards and forums where you can get live help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are building a community so its really important to register and take a few minutes each day to visit the boards and see who is doing what and what is going on generally!

While we are on the subject of bulletin boards, there are two things that will speed you around all good BBS's. The first one is the "new topics" feature and the second is the "track topics" feature. The "new topics" feature when clicked will show all new topics since your last visit. This is a great feature which saves you from looking at every forum for the latest posts. The "track topic" feature marks a topic in which you have a particular interest and sends you an email when someone posts more information in that particular topic.

Here are the the three bulletin boards we are talking about:-

  • The GDI Made Easy Forum
    Please visit our GDI Made Easy BBS. This is our very own BBS and is dedicated to building theGlobal Domains International's dream. Please come and support us and become a member of our online community. This is your second home. You have hopefully benefited from the time we put into the GDI Made Easy website. You can continue the support by being part of our very own BBS.

  • The main GDI Forum
    This is Global Domains International's main support forum. The forum is a great way of keeping up to date with what is going on at GDI. The forum is moderated so there are no junk posts.

  • Downline4All Forum
    This BBS is totally dedicated to building your downline and the MLM industry. Well worth the visit. Has a swap downline forum which is an easy way to expand your downline base.

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