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Promoting your .ws website

You will need to do a few basic things to get yourself on the road. This is well worth doing as quite apart from promoting your site you will be earning money and possibly earning big bonuses. We have a dedicated page on GDI Bonuses here. Make sure you visit our internet marketing page and our Leads page to get the full benefit out of your new GDI Site. Make sure you check out Empowerism on our leads page.

We dedicated a whole page here at GDI Made Easy to Email Marketing. See it all here!

Make sure you submit your site to the major search engines and directories. There is no point in having a site unless you promote it. We have listed the major internet players by category below. Make sure you go to each one and submit your site. Generally only the front or index page is more than sufficient.

Go to the "pay per click" engines and bid for search terms. This costs a few cents per click and is a no brainer way of getting your site found. The site with the highest bid ranks number one and the top three positions are prime spots. This is a hundred percent sure fire way of getting traffic. You pay and they click. The biggest player is Yahoo Search Performance. The minimum account costs just $25 and is well worth the money. Sign up here for an account at Yahoo Search Performance. The second great source is Google Adwords. With Adwords, you can put traffic through your site in just 15 minutes. Get a Google Adwords account here.

Submit your site to the search engines:-

  • When you start out nobody knows about your site. You have to tell the search engines about your site. Logically the more places you are listed in the more likely you are to be found. The more traffic you get, the greater the exposure and the greater the likelyhood of signing up new members. In this day and age this is time consuming. Search Engine Blaster solves the problem in an effective and cost efficient way. Download their free flash presentation and see for yourself.

Internet Marketing Basics:-

For those of you are completely new. We strongly suggest you get a copy of Tracker Mo's Bootcamp. This well written ebook provides a well written introduction to all aspects of internet marketing. It costs $7 and is well worth the investment. The eBook is beautifully organized by category and is an extremely useful reference to keep at hand as you venture on your way. Get your copy here.

Internet marketing.

  • Join Derek Gehl's Internet Marketing Center. Go to Internet Marketing Center. This is one of the internet's great success stories. Started by the late Cory Rudl and now run by Derek Gehl, this is a worthwile sign up and its absolutley free. They have a whole series of products to help you get your new GDI venture off the ground.

  • If you are a complete newbie, take a look at The Newbie Guide To Online Fortunes. by Dan Farrel. Dan takes his job seriously and starts with explaining some jargon and advances to the most profound marketing tricks and techniques. A worthwhile investment at around $40 if you are just starting out.

Ads of Gold

  • One of the neatest viral marketing tools we have seen is Ads of Gold. Not only is this a great money generator but it is an awesome traffic generator. This is a great place to advertise your GDI site and make money while you do so. Check it out here. For a $20 one time payment you get your own Ads of Gold subdomain for life. This is superb value for your advertising buck. Interestingly if you recruit just one person and it goes to six levels ONCE you will recover an absolute minimum of three of your four $5 payments. If it spreads as it is designed to do the earning potential for very little effort is beyond belief. Great value and a very clever idea! Most importantly this is a one time spend!

Viral Classified (Free to join)

  • Viral Classified is Ads of Gold's companion site and is also a deluxe viral marketing tool. Take 5 minutes and join Viral Classified for free. You will recieve your own viral classified website TOTALLY FREE. This is an awesome traffic generator. This is a great place to advertise your GDI site at no cost. Check it out here. Viral Classified offers a Premium Upgrade which more than doubles your advertising power for $20/month and provides a residual income as extra incentive. The Premium Version is a very good income generator and well worth the investment.

Viral Marketing Techniques

  • This is very important! This is a great way of getting new prospects. In fact you can discover this great technique for FREE by going to Downline Secrets. James Grandstaff, the author and owner of Downline Secrets reveals how his GDI downline snowballed to over 5,700 members using only free traffic and a simple 3 step marketing strategy. Alternatively download my branded manuscript also at no cost. Get your FREE copy of my BRANDED MANUSCRIPT HERE. I have dedicated a whole page to Viral Marketing Techniques here.

Butterfly Marketing

  • Buy yourself a copy of Mike Filsaime's butterfly marketing manuscript. If you are really serious about this business, this 125 page document lays it all out for you! The principle of butterfly marketing is well established and revolves around the principle of small changes to your marketing strategies result in big changes in revenues. The manuscript lays out how to identify and implement these small changes. Buy it, print it out and reap the benefits for yourself. You can buy the manuscript online here! I have been doing this for 9 years and this was an absolute eye opener!

Join Ultimate Rep!

  • Take a long hard look at Ultimate Rep where we have combined all our GDI working strategies into one money making site. This site was conceived and built by Kevin Anderson and enhanced by me, Arne Rodhall and Tony Brunson. It's the one totally composite site for all GDI members. Join one of the most attractive FREE business opportunities on today's market with absolutely no cost to join, FREE web site, FREE subdomain, FREE support and more! We dedicated a whole page here at GDI Made Easy to Ultimate Rep. See it all here!

Traffic Exchanges

So just exactly what is a traffic exchange? Ok here is how it works - you have an internet browser right? This is what you use to look at other websites. Your browser which is most likely Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera has to start somewhere on some page. A traffic exchange swaps vistitors to your site for you looking at someone else in the exchanges' site. So we need to set our homepage so we can look at the other guy's site and in return the exchange will send a visitor to your site. Every visitor is a potential customer. We suggest belonging to five exchanges in order to spread your exposure. When you have joined, put the start pages for each exchange in a rotator and then set the rotator page as your home page. This way every time you start, you will get a credit and you will have driven one more visitor to your site. The rotator we use is at

If you would like to get the full benefit of the traffic exchanges, download FireFox from Mozilla. Its free and more importantly it's a tabbed browzer which means you can have mutiple surfer windows open. Join all five exchanges below - or at the very least the free ones. Install the Instant Buzz tool bar for Fire Fox and then go do the tutorial at Get Yours Free. Set your Firefox browser up exactly as described in the tutorial and you can rack up surf credits with great efficiency.

If you have the very latest version of Firefox, simply go to each one of the traffic exchange start pages and bookmark them all in one seperate new folder. When you next want to surf for credits, go to that bookmark folder and click open in tabs and away you go! NB! if you are not a member of Instant Buzz, please make sure you read our Instant Buzz Page BEFORE you join. This is important!

Now please sign up for the exchanges below.

If you are having trouble setting up your traffic exchanges, please get our FREE GDI Super Email Course which has all the instructions on a blow by blow basis in lessons 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Remember paid traffic exchanges are for serious players and tend to be junk free. For the full story on how to optimize your exchange traffic download StartXchange's traffic exchange how to's entitled "The Traffic Exchange Manual by StartXchange"! Get it for free here!

One last tip - DO NOT join a bazillion traffic exchanges. You cannot possibly surf them. Join 20 to 30 really good ones and you will get the maximum benefit!

The following list is shortened just to get you started and you should belong to ALL the TE's below. We actually use them a great deal and if you are really serious, you will find a more comprehensive list here.

  • Hit Gusher Join Hit Gusher for FREE! This top of the range traffic exchange employs the very latest technology and is absolutely jam packed with great features. Hit Gusher members enjoy low surf timers, text and banner links, banner busters, downline builder, email your downline, and custom text ads for your other sites. Hit Gusher uses the latest ante cheat technology and the simplest, cleanest surf bar you have ever seen. Hit Gusher's back office is the best we have seen and they use the most user friendly traffic exchange back office on the net. The back office's intuitive interface makes managing your account a complete breeze! Generous bonus traffic from your downline signups make Hit Gusher one of the most valuable Traffic Exchanges on the net today! Join Here. Hit Gusher also offers a pro upgrade! We are PRO members because the net increase in traffic and the benefits are spectacular. Pro memberships start as low as $4.99/month. Hit Gusher is a definite must join Traffic Exchange and we absolutely recommend the Pro upgrade!

  • Traffic Swarm Based on the number of sites I have reviewed as a moderator at the main GDI BBS, this is the most popular Traffic Exchange used by GDI members. It costs nothing to join and their start page is pretty professional in comparison to the competitors. If you are going to join a single traffic exchange this is the one to go for. Join Here. Traffic Swarm offers a pro upgrade! We are PRO members because the net increase in traffic and the benefits are supreme value. For the record, clicking on a pro ad builds your credits pretty fast. A pro add is marked with a small P graphic which looks like this Traffic Swarm Pro Icon! Traffic Swarm is an absolute must join and we strongly recommend the Pro upgrade with all its associated benefits!

  • Free Traffic Bar (FREE TO JOIN) - The first of our toolbar type traffic exchanges. This is a must join program. Designed and developed by Garland Coulson to sit in a bar just above your main browser viewing window, this neat tool is 100% worth having. It comes packed with useful facilities including a real neat search the web box. The tool bar displays an unobtrusive ad on the right hand side of your page. You get credit for every ad that is shown on the bar. This credit translates into credit back to you. Start surfing the web with Free Traffic Bar installed and you Earn Credits on ANY web page. Even while you surf Traffic Exchange. You'll earn double credits! This is a fantastic tool and very popular amongst Pro Builder and GDI members. Free Traffic Bar traffic is free traffic and you join this program! It costs nothing and you use your browser every day. Make use of the free traffic to drive new recruits to your Pro Builder site. A Pro membership is well worth the money if you can afford it.

    bonus1 Get 10000 Free Hits from Free Traffic Bar courtesy of GDI Made Easy by clicking here! Once you have an account, log in and select the [Buy Ad Credits] button and enter this coupon code 10K637753F in the space next to 10,000 Toolbar Ad Credits and click on the Buy Now button. Don't worry, you won't be take to PayPal as the coupon code gives you the credits for free. You are on your way to promoting your new GDI business.

  • Traffic Splash - Traffic Splash is one of my all time favorites. This popular exchange is really well organized and managed by Paul Kinder. Paul works extremely hard to keep this exchange running like a clock and is an aggressive promoter. We are Pro members and we get paid out with monotonous regularity. We give this exchange a top rating and it is definitely worth joining.

  • Hit2Hit - Hit2Hit is another of our all time favorites. This Free Traffic exchange has a 10 second timer with variable surf ratios. This delivers quality traffic quickly and effectively. The owner, Franscisca, is always running contests and holding Rosy days. There are huge savings on ROSY DAYS for all upgraded members. We are upgraded members and it is 100% worth the money. We also give this exchange a top rating and it is definitely worth joining even if it's just as a free member.

  • Instant Buzz (FREE TO JOIN) - NB! if you are not a member of Instant Buzz, please make sure you read our Instant Buzz Page BEFORE you join. This is important! Get the Instant Buzz tool bar. Download and install the software (Takes 30 Seconds). Choose your Username (Takes 30 Seconds). Start surfing the web and you Earn Credits on ANY web page. Even while you surf Traffic Exchange. You'll earn double credits! This is a fantastic tool and very popular amongst Pro Builder and GDI members. Install some simple code at the bottom of your website pages and earn extra credits by showing a small popup just like the one you see in the top right hand corner of this page. Once again make sure you visit our Instant Buzz page to get the maximum benefit of our ad writing tips before you join. This is free traffic and you should be an Instant Buzz member. It costs nothing and you use your browser every day. Make use of the free traffic to drive new recruits to your GDI site.

  • TrafficG - Extremely well run Traffic Exchange which costs nothing to join. They have several cool options and offer a banner exchange all in one package. Their start page is not that pretty but the system is great and reliable.

  • WebBizInsider - Webbizinsider is a properly organized and managed Traffic Exchange which also costs nothing to join. They have two levels of participation and offer an excellent banner exchange all in one package. Matthew Graves runs a tight aggressive ship with an agressive marketing edge and a built in traffic generation matrix. We truly rate this exchange and it definitely worth joining.

  • Top Surfer - Top Surfer is a really neat traffic exchange. You can use their free version but their wholesale version at $10 is such a clever idea that it is hard to bypass. Top Surfer allows you to upgrade to wholesale for just $10 a month. This is not subscription based and you have to upgrade manually each month so you are not locked in. The trick is the $10 goes to your upline not Top Surfer. So if you refer just one person you recover $10. If you refer 2 people you pay for your GDI site as well. They also have a great downline builder which allows you to promote any 10 urls of your choice. Read about Top Surfer and join the program here.

  • Funny Farm - Another extremely well run Traffic Exchange which costs nothing to join. They have two levels of participation and offer a banner exchange all in one package. Their surf pages are brightened with a humor page every now and then to lighten your day. We enjoy this exchange and it definitely brings us hits.

  • 123Clicks - Is not free. It costs about $20 to join. This is a one off one time fee. This exchange is extremely efficient and the conversion ratio rocks. The reason for their being a high conversion rate is the joining fee. Only serious surfers join and the joining fee tends to keep the riff raff out. This is a no brainer. their start page is for me the most aesthetically pleasing so if you are going to choose a traffic exchange as a start page 123 Clicks is the best looking. If you belong to other exchanges 123clicks has a very nice select your exchange surfing facility where you can surf the exchange of your choice all from one control panel. Offers some very high conversion upgrade options. 123clicks also offers an autoresponder to sweeten the deal. If you are serious about traffic exchanges pay the $20 and join 123Clicks!

  • 10KHit4UNow - Rob Gehring's traffic-exchange. This exchange is very powerful and produces an excellent hit ratio. It also costs nothing to join. Make sure you fill in all your IDs in the downline builder. Rob offers a pro upgrade which is well worth the spend. Rob promotes his exchange aggressively and the downline builder helps build your whole online enterprise.

  • LinkCrews - Link Crews is a hybrid of Traffic Swarm and the more traditional manual exchange. This highly efficient exchange uses and unusual twist to place you in a "crew" where hard work achieves a significant reward. This is a very clever model and we recommend a membership. We are proud Titanium members of this exchange and the investment has been worth every cent!

  • Traffic Syndicate 25 (TS25) - We also use TS25 to promote all our online businesses. They start with a free membership which is essential especially since it costs nothing! There are two levels of Pro Membership which you can choose from to further enhance the traffic flow to your online enterprise. Traffic Syndicate also uses a community model to gain additional traffic where the the hardest working syndicate is rewarded with a major amount of additional free traffic.

You can buy traffic to your site from the following places:-

  • 1st Marketing Resources
    We use this source. It's dirt cheap and effective. 10000 hits costs $9.95 and 150000 hits costs around $100. They have a great stats panel where you can see exactly how much traffic is being sent. We can see the hits in the site logs.

If you need cheap leads to generate downline for yourself please go to our leads page where you will find leads that work. Our leads page is here! Our Viral Marketing Page is here and our Internet marketing Page is here.

Join the GDI forum and visit it every day. You can access this from your control panel. Agents often give away good tips on how to generate traffic. But buyer beware; examine the leads carefully! We have found some good ones but there is also some real junk.

The three biggest search engines:- The three biggest directories:-
The three biggest pay per click engines:- The best submission software:-
All of these are capable of accelerating your earning power and are well worth the visit. Even if you elect not to promote the build a website system from GDI, you should promote your new .ws domain by visiting each one of the above search engines or search engine optimization sites. Do this today and get the traffic you need.

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