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Frequently Asked Question about GDI

Here you will be able to find the most common questions asked by our members.
  1. Q. Do I have to promote this system?
    A. Absolutely not! Your domain is yours to do whatever you wish with. You can build anything on any subject you want. You can sell anything you want. It's your domain! The GDI payment opportunity is there to make you money. It's up to you if you do so. There is no obligation to do so, its just there as an added bonus.

  2. Q. Can I use Frontpage?
    A. You are not obliged to use the website builder. It's just there if you wish to use it. You can use any software you like to build your pages.

  3. Q. How do I get to the web builder?
    A. Login to your own control panel, click the link to domains and you are on your way.

  4. Q. Are you making money out of this?
    A. Yes we are promoting the system and yes we are making money out it.

  5. Q. Is there an easy way to start?
    A. Yes the simplest way to get started is to fill in the invitation email form in your control panel. An even faster way is to buy 1000 leads for $45. Our experience is that this works as a way to get an instant start. Spend the money it will be the best $45 you ever spent. There are lots of places to get leads. Please see our leads page. as well as our Promoting your site page.

  6. Q. What big names are using the .ws TLD name?
    A. GDI ( offers the global solution to registering Internet addresses with the .ws "web site" top-level domain extension for business and personal web sites. The company is committed to offering an easy and affordable solution to registering useful and memorable Internet addresses. Registrants of .ws "web site" domains include individuals, small businesses and major corporations throughout the world in over 180 countries and include such notable companies as Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO), Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) and AT&T (NYSE: T).

  7. Q. I just joined the .WS community. Where do I go from here?
    A. Log in to your member's area at You will be provided with a nice overview of services and instructions on setting up your domain and e-mail accounts. Furthermore, you will have access to helpful tools and information. Be sure to make the GDI Forum your daily resource for tips, ideas, announcements, team building and leadership.

  8. Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
    A. You may use the following major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VisA. In addition, we accept PayPal and USA checking accounts.

  9. Q. What If I don't have a credit card?
    A. You can apply for a Visa Electronic Signature Card at No credit check or bank account required! Great option for international members!

  10. Q. How do I go about building my Website using the Site Builder?
    A. Log in to your member's area and click on the tab that says Domains. Select the Site Builder and follow the easy to use instructions on building your Website in a matter of minutes!

  11. Q. What are the URL's that I can use to promote the GDI business opportunity?
    A. Please visit our GDI URLs page which has a more comprehensive list of all the URLS and Banners you can promote. In the interim here are the most important ones:- or or
    (You can personalize this link for your visitors by using their First and Last Name. You would replace "show" with First&Last) (Your access code is your USERID)

  12. Q. What do the different colors in my downline table mean?
    A. The different colors in your downline table explain the different account types of each member below you. Click the View Downline Legend button in your member's area to see a detailed description of each account type.

  13. Q. I don't receive support from my upline. What do I do?
    A. How would you like to receive support from the entire community? Join us here at the GDI forum!

  14. Q. How do I remove someone from the mailing list that no longer wishes to receive e-mails from GDI?

  15. Q. How do I report my income to the IRS?
    A. Simply fill out a W-9 located under Docs in your Member's areA. GDI will then send you a 1099 at year-end.

  16. Q. What is spam and how do I avoid it?
    A. Sending unsolicited e-mail messages to a receiver who did not request to receive your information is spam. You can avoid spam by having direct prior consent by all recipients you send e-mails to. If you're unsure whether or not a message is considered spam, please contact

  17. Q. How do I find out more information as my question isn't answered here?
    A. Please visit GDI's FAQ which is fairly comprehensive. GDI's FAQ is here. Alternatively use our query form and we will do our best to help you smile.

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