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Welcome to GDI Copyright and Privacy

Below you will find individual paragraphs dealing with the issues of Copyright, Privacy and Security on this website. We ask that you repect our rights on this site, just as we respect yours. In paricular please read the Copyright notice and repect our rights to this site. This project is dear to our heart and we hope we have provided a useful service to GDI agents around the world without having our content stolen!! Many Thanks.


The GDI website is built and owned by us and is a result of endless hours of research. It is provided here in a sincere attempt to help GDI agents around the world and our own downline in particular. We assert our right to the text on these pages and ask that you do not copy the pages. We have encrypted some functions and disabled some standard features to help protect this right. Please do not steal our work it is a prosecutable criminal offence. Please note we log all web addresses as a further protection.

GDI Made Easy acknowledges the copyright and registered trademarks on this website which are the properties of their respective owners. In particular the Global Domain International (GDI) and the "website" .ws TLD trade or brand names are the property of their respective owners and are used for the purposes of selling the product only. In particular the website builder software is the specific property of GDI. Where applicable the author or authority of other material or proprietary information is recognized by a link. We thank the various owners/publishers.


We understand internet privacy and have a rigid NO SPAM policy. To this end, will use its best efforts to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of any information, data and personal details gathered from this website. This specifically includes E-mail addresses. We do not pass on or resell our address lists. Our data is only used by us to conduct the normal every day business of In the event of your either having queries or disagreements with our policy, please email us We undertake to resolve privacy issues with due diligence.

This site is P3P compliant and has a machine readable privacy policy.

P3P compliance can be verified by visiting


GDI Made Easy acknowledges the security issues of passing personal information on over the internet. Our core secure servers are based in the USA. The information on the order forms where applicable and the tracking form is based on these servers. The presence of a closed padlock in the bottom right corner of your browser window indicates the presence of a secure transaction. Website addresses that commences with "https" as opposed to "http" also indicate a secure transaction.

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